How to use remote support solution?

Nora Nirhamo | 2023/04/10

The XReach remote support solution is the subject of worldwide interest, and no wonder – the platform enhances work performance and improves productivity. Discover how your company can benefit from remote support.

Our XReach remote support solution is currently making its breakthrough in the European, South American, and Asian markets. The solution is already well-known in Finland, Australia, and North America.

The XReach platform provides expert assistance to your company in real time over live video from anywhere in the world.

One of our customers, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions, chose the XReach remote support solution to better support its field workers during the total lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

From Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions service operations inspections specialist Lindsay Jackson:

“With better information, tools, and understanding of the machine you need to service, repairs have a much higher chance of success on the first try. The technician only needs to go out once, as they can access support from everyone else remotely the whole time. It’s like always having an expert in your back pocket at the worksite. This is an extra benefit.”


Which industries and professions can use remote support solution?

One of the best aspects of remote support solution is that they suit many professional needs. The applicability of the XReach remote support solution has been studied in boat sales, technological research, mining, and electronics retail. Operators from these industries have stated that a remote support solution is necessary.

A brisk transition into telecommuting has been a true leap into digitalisation for companies. This is also evident in the interest in the XReach remote support solution. Perhaps there is interest in your company as well for new cost-effective solutions.

Here are some practical examples of how XReach can be used in different industries.

Company A

Previously, Company A deployed its own service engineers when workers needed support in the field. As the global situation changed, the management realized how many things could be done remotely.

There are many kinds of industrial maintenance services: from simple machine software updates to equipment breakdowns that need an expert for parts replacement.

Company A faced one such tricky situation – a device broke down in South Africa, almost on the other side of the world. They decided to give a remote support solution a try. Using remote support, the field worker contacted the service center on their mobile phone, and the engineers guided them step by step.

The fault was fixed without an expert needing to visit the site. Best of all, the problem took less than three hours to solve. Company A avoided travel expenses and the costly losses of downtime.

Company B

The employees of Company B are well aware of how electrical systems have become increasingly intelligent and complex over the years.

One day, an employee was met with a knotty problem in the electrical system of a residential building.

The electrical network included connections to renewable energy generation and other systems, and the field worker needed expert assistance. They were not qualified to service the system.

This was a difficult situation, as the maintenance and repair crews of Company B were spread out geographically in different offices. This is common among companies, and in the worst case, field workers are left completely without backup.

Fortunately, Company B had purchased a remote support solution and smart glasses. The worker contacted a remote expert qualified to service the equipment, and the problem was solved quickly and easily.

At a later date, multiple Company B employees were about to retire. The XReach remote support sessions used by the field workers had been recorded in the cloud, and the knowledge base could now be used to train new employees.


Read about how to choose the best remote support solution for your company!


What are the functions of XReach remote support?

Our remote support solution is more than regular video call: it saves the data in a knowledge base where it can be accessed later in similar situations. The platform also supports smart glasses, leaving field workers with both hands free for technical work.

The following example from boat sales is an excellent illustration of how the remote support solution works in practice:

  • The owner of a new boat discovers a technical problem that needs expert assistance from the seller or a technician. The problem takes more than a phone call to solve.
  • The owner and an expert connect with the XReach remote support solution.
  • The expert sees a live video feed of what the owner is seeing.
  • The expert guides the owner through operation and repairs without needing to travel to the boat.
  • The problem is solved.
  • The quick and cost-effective service saved both parties time, and the owner is free to take their new boat out on the water many times during their short but sunny summer holiday.


A significant benefit of the remote support solution for all customers is its secure cloud knowledge base where every remote support session is saved. The collected data offers many avenues for companies to develop their business:

  • The solution records, collects, and stores all data in one location.
  • Solved cases can be used by customers, such as the boat industry operator above, in similar situations.
  • Other experts of the company anywhere in the world can also use the information at any time.
  • Data analysis lets the company know where their devices or services have the most problems, what the problems are like, and who has solved them, how quickly, and in what way.
  • The data allows the company to design and produce equipment that is more durable and easier to maintain, which improves customer satisfaction.
  • Increased knowledge allows a better understanding of machines and their workings, extending their service life and making maintenance more profitable.
  • The knowledge base makes it easy to train new employees and instruct old ones.
  • Overall, the result is an improvement in the company’s performance.


Smart glasses and XReach

One thing that sets remote support solutions apart from regular video calls is their support for smart glasses.

Smart glasses are unbeatable in industrial applications because field workers can keep their hands free for work. This improves working conditions, as one hand is not occupied with holding a mobile device.

How smart glasses work in practice:

  • Instructions sent by an expert are displayed directly in the field of view for the field worker or customer.
  • Hands-free instruction speeds up working.
  • If the XReach knowledge base includes a similar solved case, the field worker or customer may not need to contact an expert at all but can instead solve the current problem by using knowledge from the previous solution.
  • Work quality is further improved because the field worker or customer can follow step-by-step virtual working instructions directly on the smart glasses.
  • This also improves safety, as the field worker or customer can focus on the work instead of looking back and forth.


The RealWear HMT-1 is an industrial-grade headset for engineers, technicians, and others working in the field. It can connect to the XReach remote support solution and leaves the field worker’s hands free for work.


Interested in XReach for your company?

Are you interested in how your company could benefit from our remote support solution?

You can read more about the XReach remote support solution or contact us to talk about it!


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