Remote support solution have many benefits for your business – are you familiar yet?

Nora Nirhamo | 2023/03/10

Has your company come across a situation that your own maintenance team could not resolve? Assistance from an external expert was probably sorely needed. A remote support solution can bring in experts from anywhere in the world to help your field team in real time. Best of all, remote support has many other benefits for your business.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill, including the maintenance activities of many companies. Among them is our customer, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions:

“The pandemic gave us the impetus for using remote support, as restrictions prevented us from sending service technicians and support personnel out in the field. In just a few months, our capability for sending out people practically fell to zero in most sales areas. This was do-or-die, as we needed a way to support our workers in the field.”

Sandvik chose the XReach remote support solution, which allowed them to continue to meet demand during the pandemic. But what is this solution, exactly?


What is a remote support solution?

A remote support solution brings the help to you when you need it – from anywhere in the world. It is an excellent choice for the needs of customer support, maintenance, installation, and training.

Remote support shines in situations where the target equipment and required specialist are far apart. Delays in maintenance can result in heavy losses in both time and money. Remote assistance minimizes losses.

Help is always available with remote support, whenever field workers and customers need it. Sandvik had an apt description for the XReach remote support solution:

“It’s like always having an expert in your back pocket at the worksite.”


Remote support has many benefits for your business:

  • Expedites work
  • Improves quality
  • Adds predictability
  • Reduces errors
  • Increases worker efficiency
  • Saves big on travel expenses and costs from production downtime
  • Enhances future troubleshooting of similar situations with knowledge base records


The benefits of a remote support solution are real: Forrester, ABI Research, and many others have found that remote support solutions are productive and improve customer satisfaction.


How can you use a remote support solution?

Remote support fits the needs of various businesses from industrial to information technology. One example is the sale and renting of boats.

Everything starts with your company’s needs, as the platform is highly customizable for many applications.


Remote support in practice:

  • A remote expert and your field worker connect with a live video feed on their mobile devices or web browsers. The worker can stream picture and sound with their mobile phone or smart glasses. The worker’s hands can remain free for industrial installation work, for example, if they use smart glasses.
  • On their screen, the expert can see everything the field worker sees on-site.
  • Your employee can consult the expert on a difficult task for detailed, real-time video instructions.
  • The expert can instruct the worker or the customer in speech, text, annotations, and by sharing documents.
  • The expert can highlight problems by drawing over the image with a marking tool.
  • The expert can also send links and files, including pictures, to help solve the problem more quickly.
  • A remote support solution also works in customer support, allowing the support agent to see what the customer sees.
  • All the data from a session is saved automatically and securely in the cloud, making it easy to share and use later, should a similar situation occur.


Read some practical examples about how your company can use a remote support solution.


How to choose the right remote support solution?

Today, almost anything is possible, and creative solutions are popping up everywhere. This is purely a positive thing, as the COVID-19 pandemic, among other things, has shown how new solutions and technologies can solve even the most difficult situations.

Many providers have launched remote support solutions, from big names like Microsoft to smaller operators. Some remote support solutions are lightweight apps that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Lightweight apps have their problems, as they can fall short in some real-world situations. Remote support that is integrated into the rest of a company’s service business is often more seamless, secure, and robust.

When choosing a remote support solution for your business, take time to go over your main criteria for the service. One essential requirement is probably the suitability of the solution for your company’s needs specifically.


How to deploy a remote support solution?

You can see the benefits of remote support by piloting the platform in the field. A positive attitude towards a remote support solution is a great first step for a company. Remote support solutions have improved everyday working conditions at many companies.

When testing a remote support solution at your workplace, start with your most enthusiastic field technician. An open mind is required from every employee to develop the working environment.

The working principle of a remote support solution is easy to absorb in the pilot phase when everyone tests it together with care and instruction. Never leave users alone during testing or later – help from the remote support provider must be easily available during and after the pilot.

During the pilot, collect feedback for the remote support solution provider so you can help develop the app or platform. Customer feedback is the most valuable kind!

Read more about how to choose the best remote support solution for your company!


The XReach remote support solution is made to support your company in any situation

Expert troubleshooting assistance. Remote problem-solving with specialists. High field work performance. Better productivity.

All of the above is possible with the Softability XReach remote support solution.

XReach is more than regular video calls. The RealWear HMT-1 headset is excellent proof of this.

For example, smart glasses are a great help for industrial field workers, who can use them to follow working instructions from experts step by step. The worker has both their hands free for technical work. This would not be possible in a video call.

Our solution is a team effort. XReach was created by a team that used everyone’s valuable knowledge and skills.

In addition to Finland, XReach is already in use in Australia and North America, and it is making its breakthrough in Europe, South America, and Asia.


While our solution´s world tour continues, you can read more about the XReach remote support solution or contact our sales with any questions you have on your mind!

Tapio Pukkala, Solution Sales, +358 40 718 0514, tapio.pukkala(at)

Mikko Luukkonen, Solution Sales, +358 50 554 3652, mikko.luukkonen(at)


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