Softability XR Challenge Finalist

Softability selected for XR Challenge Final!

Mikko Rauhamäki | 2018/06/12

Softability is in the XR Challenge Final! With the competition the industry players Fastems, Glaston and Valmet are looking for the best XR solutions to solve their challenges. XR Challenge culminates in the final on 18 September, where eight finalists are competing. Good luck for the finalists!

XR Challenge is a great contest to showcase skills

Softability was selected for the XR Challenge final together with seven other companies. A total of 44 teams developing XR solutions applied for the competition. With the competition, Fastems, Glaston Corporation and Valmet are seeking new XR ideas and product/service solutions for the global market needs. The challenge competition is organized by Business Tampere, Leonidas Oy, Virtual Reality Finland ry and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and the aforementioned industrial companies.

– We’re excited to be in the final, says Mikko Luukkonen from Softability. – XR Studio’s core competence is to develop Augmented (AR) and Mixed Reality solutions to improve the business of industrial companies. Through XR Challenge we get the chance to develop VIESTI remote support solution together with Fastems. Our solution brings industrial companies new kind of possibilities for remote assistance, training, troubleshooting, and equipment maintenance. We are looking forward to the competition and hoping to win the XR Challenge, says Luukkonen.

Developing businesses with XR solutions

XR Challenge is an international challenge competition for virtual, augmented and mixed reality companies. The goal of the XR Challenge contest is to show industrial companies how X Reality can be used to develop businesses. With the competition the industry players Fastems, Glaston and Valmet are looking for the best XR solutions to solve their challenges. The eight finalists get to develop their product idea all the way to the demo stage, and they will be supported by the industrial companies acting as clients.

XR Challenge culminates in the final event in Tampere on September 18, 2018, where the finalists are pitching and presenting their demos. The jury will select the winner among the eight finalists. The winner team will be awarded with a prize sum of 40,000 Euros. Softability is in the finals, striving to win.

The day after the XR Challenge Final on September 19, an open XR Seminar will be held in Tampere Mediapolis. Softability will also attend the XR Seminar.


Softability wishes good luck for the finalists!

Additional information:

Sales Manager Mikko Luukkonen, Softability Oy, mikko.luukkonen(at)



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