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Softability invests in R&D on Remote Support

Mikko Rauhamäki | 2017/08/07

Softability is developing a scalable Remote Support solution for live support video calling and streaming. Customers can remotely share the expertise of in-house supervisors to the onsite workers in real-time.

Remote Support solution for live guidance, training and inspections

Softability announces the latest research and development plans to make a scalable Remote Support solution. The new Remote Support solution connects field workers and off-site service experts in real-time. The solution enables the onsite worker to livestream video and audio to a remote in-house expert in real-time. The workers can share their view and the experts can see the exact situation at the site and provide workflow instructions, step by step guidance and live assistance, no matter the time, distance or location.

The Remote Support is designed for multisite companies that will benefit from the remote guidance, training and inspections via Wi-Fi and web access. The solution is suitable for the mobile devices using Android operating system. The onsite workers need only to be equipped with mobile phones, tablets or smart glasses and they can then livestream video and audio to offsite experts, which can remotely give guidance through the web access.

The newest AR technology eases on-site Remote Support

The Remote Support solution is an easily integratable Unity/Android plug-in, which will reap the benefits of the Unity3D, the leading AR / MR / VR application platform. The aim is also to make use of wearable smart glasses. Softability plans to carry out further product development projects in the fall, as new functionalities will be added. The solution will enable offsite experts to support the work in real-time by giving instructions and annotating the video screenshots and sending them back to the field. The solution will also allow the company to train people and share the video captured knowledge throughout the organization regardless the time and place. In addition the solution will automatically adjust for network latency with voice connection prioritized over video.

— Softability has long experience on partnering with global industrial and medical device manufacturers. Over the past year, we have gained the leading position in the Finnish AR / MR / VR market. Our customers rely on our strong knowhow in adopting these intriguing new technologies. Our new Remote Support solution combines our vast experience on the industry and the new technology and will benefit our customers’ current businesses and improve the ways of working, says Janne Repo, CEO of Softability.

Additional information:

Janne Repo, CEO, Softability Group Oy, janne.repo(a)


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